The Supreme Council Knights of Columbus granted a charter to Council #2295, as St Benedict Council on June 21, 1921.  This Council was primarily associated with one parish.  In 1926 the building association Warconsha was formed and a building was purchased on Dudley Avenue in Conimicut to serve as a Council Home.  This association also purchased land on West Shore Road that it hoped to develop.  In 1938 Council #2295's name was changed  to Warwick Council to reflect the greater number of parishes being served by this Council. However, World War II had a devasting effect on Council #2295.  There was a loss of members as soldiers left for the war, the Council Chaplain Fr. Savignac was reproted as missing in action, and in 1942 the property was sold.  The Council was essentially dormant over the next decade.  George B Clegg Jr was the first Grand Knight.